Donald Trump Jr: At Fundraiser, President's Son Says 'Zero Contact' With Dad

The role of Trump's children in his administration has raised questions in the past.

But Trump Jr. said he doesn't speak with his father at all.

Donald Trump Jr. speaks at a VIP reception before the Dallas County Republican Party's Reagan Day Dinner. You know, listen, deals are still exciting, but when you're sort of the guy out there 24/7, every day fighting in this thing - it's like a great fight, the intensity. You understand the many of which we've lost where I come from in the peoples' republic of NY.

"But I couldn't", he said.

President Trump should make no attempt to stop the collapse of Obamacare and let all of America watch as it, the Democrat Party and the liberal media all implode right before their very eyes.

Also speaking at Saturday's event was Texas senator Ted Cruz, sharing a stage with a member of Mr Trump family for the first time since they clashed bitterly during the Republican primaries.

Although Republicans control the House and Senate as well as the White House, the bill still faces an uphill battle in Congress.

Trump, Jr. also told the 1,000 or so attendees he misses the energy of the presidential campaign.

An invitation to the Saturday evening event advertised Trump the main headliner - Cruz has always been a key player in the Texas Republican dinner circuit.

Following the inauguration, the oldest Trump brothers returned to the White House as the President nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. This plan will allow Republicans to urgently repeal and replace a flat-lined Obamacare and easily move forward with implementing President Trump's policies for the rest of his term. In a "listening session" composed of people who have complaints about the effects of the ACA, Trump compared Obamacare to the former president.

Bathsheba Crocker, a former State Department official under President Obama, said that Trump's reported budget cuts might hit North Africa and the Middle East especially hard, as they could imperil funding for starvation relief efforts in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Somalia.

  • Zachary Reyes