Zahid: N. Koreans in Malaysia will not be under surveillance

However, Huang declined to elaborate further.

Two women, a Vietnamese and an Indonesian, who allegedly wiped his face with a substance identified from an autopsy as the banned deadly VX nerve agent, were charged with murder on March 1.

Najib said that when others respected Malaysia, and remained friendly to the citizens of Malaysia, Malaysia would also show respect and friendship to the other party, Sin Chew Daily reported.

"The government of Malaysia will fully cooperate with the OPCW and other worldwide organisations to bring the perpetrators to justice", said Mr Ahmad Nazri Yusof, Malaysia's permanent representative to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), at a meeting of The Hague-based body on Tuesday.

South Korea has blamed Pyongyang for the assassination and Malaysian police are seeking seven North Korean suspects, four of whom left Malaysia on the day of the murder.

As investigators try to solve the case, Malaysia has warned that the investigation into the murder "may take longer than what we hope due to the complexity and sensitivity of the case", while China said no worldwide action should be considered until it is finished.

Kim Jong Nam inherited the so-called "bloodline of Mt. Paektu", which refers to the descendants of North Korean founder Kim Il Sung.

"I want to call on all Malaysians, including the leaders of the government and the opposition, to unite in giving us full support towards all efforts that are ongoing to resolve this problem", Mr Najib said.

Malaysia's police chief on Friday officially confirmed the victim was Kim Jong-Nam, something Pyongyang has denied.

Japan, for its part, offered data on Mr Kim Jong Nam's physical characteristics, such as fingerprints and mugshots, they said.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman said Saturday that communication was ongoing with the North Korean Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and that both sides were ready for formal talks.

Besides Mohd Nor Azrin, the other Malaysians in North Korea are his wife Iza Karmila Ramli, 33, and their children Annur Zulaikha, Aynur Zhafirah and Ayscha Zinnirah.

Malaysia has follow suit by announcing that all North Koreans in the country would not be allowed to leave, within a few hours of the announcement made by Pyongyang.

  • Leroy Wright