WR/returner Cordarrelle Patterson visiting Raiders

A slew of free agent wide receivers signed on Thursday to thin out the market, but Cordarrelle Patterson is a special case - both in terms of role and career. He's visited the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears, and is apparently slated to visit with the Oakland Raiders on Sunday.

Patterson posted a series of messages on his Snapchat account, which we'll sum up thusly: "All I am hearing is stay w/Vikings".

He didn't leave any of those three cities with a contract, but it's clear which team he wants to play for in 2017: the Vikings. But we all know business is business ...

Patterson wants to return to the Vikings.

"What you gone do, Rick?" he asked.

So far, it doesn't sound as though the interest is mutual, but as the big money starts to dry up from the first round of free agency, the Vikings might be interested in bringing him back for a lower dollar figure. "He did total 453 receiving yards last season and has been known to make deep-league fantasy owners" days with long rushing touchdowns (four career rushing scores) but is likely being wooed for his return capabilities.

With electrifying ball-carrying skills and tantalizing (but admittedly unrealized) potential, some team might offer Patterson an expensive contract based on the promise of future development, but if the Vikings can get the young receiver back at a reasonable salary the team should definitely do so.

  • Julie Sanders