Team Trump, GOP downplay looming CBO report, question group's competence, earlier findings

Have we learned nothing from the Democrats' disastrous habit of overpromising on health care?

"I think if you're going to sum it up in one word, there's a lot of uncertainty right now", said Steve Lunn, CEO of Porter Healthcare System.

OK, BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS: This isn't quite the real story, though it's true that Republicans really are sort of obsessed with making sure no poor person ever gets a penny more than they deserve. I want to thank each of the House committee leaders for being with us today. "There's coverage that's going to go up". That means that if you lose your insurance for three months, the insurer can then charge you more.

Many Americans who oppose Obamacare dislike some of the more rigid features of the program, such as the fines levied on individuals for failing to carry health insurance and the idea that businesses would be penalized for declining to provide insurance assistance for employees.

He said for those "just above Medicaid" who "still have difficulty buying their own premiums", the plan will have a refundable tax credit and "the pay for their healthcare on a tax advantage basis, just like you and I get".

At the same time, tax cuts within the plan would save people earning $1m a year or more about $157bn over the next ten years, according to the Joint Committee on Taxation, a non-partisan congressional panel.

You're also about to take a hit if you're just below the age limit for qualifying for Medicare and still relying on private insurance. "In addition to these popular reforms, the current bill keeps numerous ACA's more technical changes to other parts of the health care system, such as reforms to Medicare". And, working people who buy their own plans are anxious they still won't have affordable alternatives.

CBO's verdict is expected sometime this week, possibly even tomorrow. The Republicans clearly anticipate the CBO report will say much the same thing, which is why they're ramming the legislation through the House as quickly as possible rather than waiting for the analysis to come out.

To avoid people abandoning their coverage, the Republican legislation allows insurers to impose a 30-percent premium increase for people who let their coverage lapse during the previous year. But the numbers that do exist further undercut Price. But it's not that simple.

Initial public reactions to the Republican plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act are divided, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds, with a narrow plurality of Americans saying the proposal would mark a step down.

The incentives meant to keep the individual market sustainable were already failing, and the Republican plan weakens them still further.

But sharp internal divisions have emerged as they try to draft a plan that will pass muster with both moderates and conservatives in the party, while also winning over the largely white, blue-collar voters who put Trump in the White House. We want the consumer to be able to go to the insurance market and be able to negotiate on a plan. In the previous year, insurers have complained Obamacare penalties for not signing up for coverage aren't steep enough. "You don't want healthy people to drop out".

If they can not assemble a winning coalition on this issue, it will be hard for them to deliver on other issues.

Most Republicans selling the bill this week have been careful not to overpromise.

"In an interview on ABC News' "This Week", the director of the Office of Management and Budget and former GOP lawmaker from SC praised the plan's framework for helping" a great many people... get something they need, which is healthcare, not health coverage". That is to say, TrumpCare will have its winners and losers too, and hopefully there'll be more of the former than the latter.

  • Larry Hoffman