Scarlett Johnsson Impersonates Ivanka Trump on 'SNL'

The conceit is pretty clear: As the most outspoken woman closest to Trump, she is complicit in the things he does - and for not doing something about it. "She's complicit", the voiceover in the mock ad says.

"All eyes are on her. She's.Ivanka", a voiceover purrs over b-roll of the elegantly dressed first daughter sauntering through fancy social environs. Even when the guys bring musical guest Lorde out to perform a number, they end up just sing-screaming "Royals" over her vocalizations. Because she's handsome, she's powerful, she's. "She's complicit", the narrator continues before showing a bottle of "Complicit" perfume.

Later in the video, she's described as "a feminist, a champion, an advocate for women", before the narrator pauses and asks, "But like, how?"

USA sketch show Saturday Night Live is taking its material further afield then Donald Trump.

Next, Johansson sunk her teeth into Ivanka Trump.

Alec Baldwin returned as Trump, decked out in a flight jacket, as Trump has been seen wearing recently. From Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump to Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer, SNL has proven adept at finding the ideal celebrities to take on these impersonations.

"And so is the woman next to her, right there", he adds, pointing to another military member, this one played by Sassier Zamata.

Check out the details on tonight's all-new episode of "SNL", featuring hosting five-timer Scarlett Johansson.

We're not sure what our favourite Trump SNL skit is now we have Melissa McCarthy, Alec Baldwin AND Scarlett Johansson to choose from. Max, I'm sorry, but you're just a dog.

Wrapping up the political segments, Kate McKinnon was back as Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Alex Moffat impersonated Sen.

  • Larry Hoffman