Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus receive FCC certification

Samsung Galaxy C5 Pro comes with a 16MP camera with f/1.9 aperture which helps capture more light in dark environments.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is set for a release date of mid to late April.

The hype of Samsung Galaxy S8 remains high, despite the company's silence.

Samsung might not be cramming its new Galaxy S8 handset with powerful iris scanning tech, but its face recognition capabilities could be off the hook.

Accordingly, Samsung has managed to package Galaxy S8 in a 5.8-inch screen display which makes it look taller than the iPhone 7 and slimmer than LG G6.

Back in January, there were signs that Samsung's 2015 flagships would actually soon be getting their nutty update.

Express added that the Galaxy S8 is widely-tipped to arrive with a notable 5.8-inch Quad HD display while maintaining the same footprint as the Galaxy S7. According to Fox News, curved edge is likely to be the next standard of display for Samsung's next-generation smartphones.

Samsung has often heard critics quoting their Galaxy S series as "same design with a larger scaling", this quote will become extinct once the Galaxy S8 marches into the markets. The sides of the mobile in this leaked image curve downwards, in common with other recent Samsung releases, with the bezels above and below the screen extremely slim indeed. Samsung introduced a total of three new products at the event, on the eve of the IFA 2013 consumer electonics fair. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S8 will retain the water resistant feature.

Yesterday we saw the Galaxy S8 show up in the wild again as well as some shots from case and skin manufacturers.

Samsung is planning to incorporate facial recognition into the forthcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, reports The Korea Economic Daily.

The upcoming rumoured iPhone Edition is also said to feature the 3D sensing front camera with facial recognition options.

Bixby will be unveiled when the Galaxy S8 emerges, with the Viv Labs Team that worked on initial versions of Siri having been beavering away on the first ever Samsung AI assistant. But what are the differences between this year's Galaxy S8 and 2016's Galaxy S7?

  • Carolyn Briggs