Rep. Steve King under fire for 'our civilization' tweet

Steve King is no stranger to controversy.

DES MOINES, Iowa-Iowa Congressman Steve King ignited social media Sunday with his tweet praising an anti-immigrant leader from the Netherlands and his use of the term "somebody else's babies".

"Is it worth making the obvious point that what American history has been about is "restoring" ourselves with 'somebody else's babies?'" asked conservative columnist Bill Kristol.

Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. His comment quoted a cartoon from the account "Voices of Europe", which described itself on Twitter as "Anti EU / Pro Europe / MAGA".

Also previous year, while appearing on CNN, King argued that gay and lesbian parents should not be eligible for child care tax credits, claiming that only so-called "natural families" were the only families that deserve child care tax credits. In another tweet, King included an image of him with Wilders, saying "cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end". This tweet is an open endorsement of white nationalism.

Yet more than five hours after King issued his remarks, none of his Republican congressional colleagues publicly challenged on the idea. Rep.

King quickly heard about the tweet from Democrats, Republicans, journalists, and white supremacists. According to a tweet she sent Sunday night, she raised $19,000 in one day, more than 12 percent of the funds for her entire 2016 campaign.

Still, King's tweet did prove popular with some people.

Former KKK Imperial Wizard Duke chimed in, writing: "GOD BLESS STEVE KING!' A follow-up tweet by Duke expressed the hope that King would 'finish the job" in 2024, presumably by becoming president after two Donald Trump mandates.

This is hardly the first time King has provoked outrage from many. Iowa, the state Mr. King represents, remains one of the most homogeneously white. He was also observed to have a Confederate flag on his desk, despite the fact that Iowa remained in the Union during the Civil War.

  • Salvatore Jensen