Pauline Hanson regrets WA Libs deal

"It wasn't One Nation".

The WA Electoral Commission has not yet announced the result of any seats, but has Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party reaching or nearing quota in the Agricultural, and Mining and Pastoral regions.

After threatening to be a disruptive force in last Saturday's West Australian election, One Nation's results ultimately fell short of expectations - receiving just 4.7 per cent of first preferences on current counts.

The Treasurer said the preference deal was unlikely to be replicated in other states where Liberals and the Nationals work as a Coalition rather than an alliance. The party will not win a single seat in the lower house, and while they are seemingly on track to win a handful in the upper house, it is a far cry from the domination spruiked by One Nation and supporters in recent weeks.

Like the Liberals, One Nation disrespected their followers by assuming they would be happy jumping into bed with the Liberals.

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Wilson said the result showed the Liberal Party must avoid becoming "One Nation lite" and should not enter into preference deals with the party.

Do you think the Liberals should make a deal with One Nation at the next election?

Immigrant voters are embracing Pauline Hanson, even though the Queensland senator wants to reduce Australia's net annual migration intake to zero and still believes Asians are swamping Sydney.

As the election drew closer, One Nation's primary just kept spiralling down.

"The next federal election is more than two years away and all preference decisions will be considered by the part organisation closer to the election", he said.

Rozane Bezuidenhout was advocating for a separate white South African state, another offered cures for cancer and homosexuality, and a third fretted about gays using Nazi mind-control techniques in their campaign for marriage equality.

However, Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who leads the federal Liberal party, yesterday insisted that Mr Barnett's downfall was not related to federal issues.

A defiant Pauline Hanson has declared her party's performance at the weekend's WA election was "fantastic", and claimed her party will pick up as many as five upper house seats.

And all the talk about One Nation picking up voters because of some Trump-style populist resentment was nowhere near the degree of what had happened in the US.

Hanson's Facebook and Twitter pages have been silent on the result, but she has simultaneously blamed both the Liberal and Labor parties for One Nation's electoral fizzer.

Will One Nation ever become a power player in Canberra?

"Things improved for us over the course of the campaign but nevertheless, we did see that coming and it's unfortunate I think, but the voters have spoken", he said.

  • Salvatore Jensen