#myAndroid Taste Test helps you personalize Android home screen

Many different Android Launchers available on Google Play make your job easier. In case you're the type who doesn't know how to make up their own mind, the site has a #myAndroid Taste Test to help you determine what kind of customization you would like for your device. Set it according to your mood, or the new movie character that you so like or a theme you fell in love with while reading the new book, there is something for everyone and this is one of Android's strength. But, many a times users end up using the default launcher with a row of icons on their home screen. Google wants to help you out with that by launching the #myAndroid website which helps you figure out what kind of wallpaper, icons, launchers, etc that you want to put on your smartphone.

The myAndroid Taste Test is the newest offering from Google. The Taste Test will ask you a handful of different questions that Google wants you to answer impulsively, like "Vibrant or muted" and "Maximalism or minimalism". Google will compute a ton of apps after you finish the quiz, which will help you get the look you want on your home screen. If you are a newbie to Android, you will be able to see all of the things that Android can do when it comes to home screens and customizations. Even though you have to download each app individually, this is still a great new addition from Google. It doesn't matter which Android device you own, you can always impart on it a personal touch which is the biggest talking point of the comparison between Android and iOS. Go ahead and try it at the source link below, will you? You can re-take the test and get even more recommendations.

  • Carolyn Briggs