Moose races snowboarders in Breckenridge

Three moose have been relocated after a video of a moose coming within a few feet of a snowboarder at Breckenridge last week went viral. Denver's ABC TV affiliate reports Luther turned around to make sure her friend was still there when she saw the mammoth gallivanting animal running down the hill.

Incredible footage has emerged of an enormous moose chasing two snowboarders at break-neck speed down a mountain in Colorado. "I just was too scared to slow down while clipped in my board!" Luther said in a Facebook post. If the moose charges, keep moving around the tree to avoid it, if you can.

Fortunately neither the moose nor the skiers were injured.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife say moose are naturally very curious animals.

BPD reminds anyone who sees a moose or any other animal not to harass them. They also warned against taking out a phone to record the incident.

  • Joanne Flowers