Floyd Mayweather 'coming out of retirement' for Conor McGregor bout

Conor McGregor is not a boss cause if Conor McGregor was his own boss the fight would be made. A bout with McGregor would afford Mayweather the opportunity to move to 50-0 whilst cashing in one more monster payday.

Now it's McGregor's turn to further build up a fight that may never happen.

It is believed the UFC would have to be involved in any deal between Mayweather and McGregor because McGregor is under an exclusive contract with the mixed martial arts organization.

Mayweather took the opportunity to announce he is "officially out of retirement" and urged McGregor to sign whatever papers he needs to file in order to make the fight happen. "You're blowing smoke up everyone's ass, if you want to fight, sign the paperwork".

"Simple and plain", "Money" Mayweather continued, "let's fight in June". I was the B side.

"He beats Conor, Conor could still be like "Alright, you beat me in boxing but I'll still kick your a** in a real fight" so it doesn't really mean much to me".

The 40-year-old who is nicknamed as "Pretty Boy Money" pondered that they are not here to cry about money and he is exhausted of all this crying about money and talking about McGregor want to fight.

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If Mayweather had officially ended his retirement to fight a reigning welterweight champion, fans would nearly certainly be a whole lot more excited than they will be at the news regarding this, the latest instalment in the Floyd-McGregor saga. I didn't cry, I didn't complain. I'm exhausted about all this crying about money.

"We can not mix up the rules and regulations because I'm the A side", he said.

Mayweather literally laughed at White's lowball offer. Let's get it done in June. Those who like McGregor can bet him plus 1100, which means that a $10 bet would pay $110.

The former UFC title contender has been rumoured for a return to action for several months, but Diaz has yet to book his next appearance in the promotion.

Even McGregor haters would have to concede that he played a huge role in the eagerness with which WME-IMG shelled out $4 billion to acquire the UFC last summer as he stands alone as the most reliable draw in the history of the Octagon.

  • Larry Hoffman