"Bury Me Here" Review

Morgan has supplanted Carol as the most compelling character on The Walking Dead, since the latter has been marred by poor writing and a character arc where she's more interested in being left alone than helping anybody else. The fight against the Saviors will be partially shaped by this moment, quiet as it may be. But it does clue fans into one thing that seems to be on everyone's mind, which is the cliffhanger. He then has to go off seeking Carol's assistance in treating Benjamin's wounds, which is also troublesome for him, knowing Carol's self-exile was specifically to avoid situations like this, and he's the one who seemingly stabbed Benjamin's head to stop the risk of walker-dom. It's also in this state of disarray that Morgan comes across the twelfth melon, and eventually puts the pieces of Richard's plan together. When Morgan found out Richard was behind everything, grief made him do the unthinkable. Carol's done her work inside its walls, and in that moment, she recognizes her own misery and depression in Morgan. If you're a long-time watcher, you pretty much guess who the noose if for when an episode weirdly leans on a specific character narrative out of nowhere.

Later, Benjamin brings Morgan a painting to hang in his room, and Morgan starts bugging him about a girl. He does find the backpack, but buries that, too.

Carol begins to cry as Morgan tells her that Glenn, Abraham and others were killed by Negan.

Given that Carol has far overstayed her comic book character on AMC's The Walking Dead, there is a better than good chance that she will die a hero this season. A frantic run to Carol's (Melissa McBride) cottage was the kid's best chance of survival - but instead he died on her kitchen table, which is profoundly terrible, and not just because Carl could have really used a responsible and non-homicidal friend his own age to play with. It's been a long time since he killed a live human. And Despite Daryl's (Norman Reedus) lie earlier this season, Carol's expression said that she kinda knew things weren't really OK back home.

I never would have guessed that cantaloupe drama would be what pushed Morgan Jones over the edge, but there you go.

Carol then returns to the Kingdom, where Ezekiel is replanting the royal garden. Ezekiel agrees, which is a long overdue conclusion on both their parts. Carol is now ready to fight and Morgan was seen sharpening his staff. Sunday night's episode "Bury Me Here" provides an ominous outlook for an episode that should deliver plenty of anxiety-inducing scenes. The performances were commendable, though the plot was mildly predictable.

We are moving slowly but surely towards a war with the Saviors, and it's taking forever. "This is all in the hopes of causing an event to get Ezekiel to move to war".

There has been a plethora of theories that have emerged on social media about Season 7 of The Walking Dead that ranges from Carl telling the story as on old man in the future, all the way up to Eugene's ultimate betrayal and how he will influence the final curtain call for TWD.

  • Salvatore Jensen