Turn your clocks forward Sunday; 5 questions answered about Daylight Saving Time

The dates of Daylight Saving Time were altered several times in the US until the current ones were set in 2007. "These simple things are among the best steps you can take to keep your loved ones safe if there's a fire in your home". Start preparing early, says Mindell.

The short-term pain: Lose an hour of sleep Saturday night.

"I don't like it".

In December, a psychology journal published results showing that federal judges handed out sentences that were on average 5 percent longer the day after daylight saving time began than those given out one week before or after.

But as in years past, the bill never made it out of committee.

Under the Uniform Time Act, states can opt out of observing daylight saving time. But some studies have since found that what we save on lights is spent on air conditioning with later sunsets anyway. This effectively moves an hour of daylight from the morning to the evening, giving us those long summer nights.

There are plenty of fans of Daylight Saving Time: stores see more shoppers, needing more gas to get around.

The opponents: movie theaters, who find people don't want to sit in the dark when it's light out, school districts for the kids dealing with the morning darkness, airlines because of schedule changes, and companies seeing less productive employees the day after losing an hour of sleep.

Communities that observe daylight time in British Columbia, will have to put their clocks forward one hour by 2 a.m. PT on Sunday.

Michigan's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs agency sent out a Friday afternoon news release suggesting Michiganders change the batteries of any smoke and carbon detectors whenever they set their clocks back and forth every six months. So, the country dropped the time change until World War II, and a select number of states chose to follow it after the war's end.

Parents can also use light to their advantage with the onset of Daylight Saving Time.

  • Larry Hoffman