Modi sees 'New India' for the poor

While BJP is in the grip of euphoria over its success in assembly elections, PM Modi has struck the right note by cautioning his party against engaging in triumphalism.

He addressed two dozen rallies as the BJP chose to canvass without picking a chief ministerial candidate and banked exclusively on his popularity and development agenda in the state.

She even said the BJP had committed a mistake by not fielding any Muslim candidate.

Shah said the result showed Modi, who personally led the campaign in the key battleground state of UP, was now "the most popular leader since independence".

Bihar Assembly Election 2015 past year in 2015, the BJP hoped another mega win in Bihar after sweeping the general elections 2014. The BJP also looked poised to retain its hold on the state of Goa.

"Fruits make a tree stoop, nature inspires us that when the fruits of victory are in sight, we should stoop the most".

"It was seen as a move that went beyond party and caste and affected everyone equally - notably the rich".

BJP's calculative target towards providing rural masses with LPG connections, round-the-clock electricity supply and housing for the poor turned in favour clocking a thumping victory of 2/3 majority for the party. From one end of the Britain-sized state to another, voters proudly declared confidence that Modi-ji is the man to sort out India's myriad woes.

In the first presidential election under a BJP-led government - that of Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2002 - A.P.J.

Congress took Punjab, offering at least some consolation after Rahul Gandhi, heir apparent to the party leadership, failed again to make an impact. The Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance is ahead in 68 seats while the Bahujan Samaj Party has so far managed to bag just 18 seats in its kitty.

Celebrations broke out at the BJP's headquarters in state capital Lucknow where euphoric supporters danced to drum beats and handed out candies.

The state elections are crucial at national level because each state nominates a proportional number of representatives to India's upper house of parliament. Now, the aspirational lag with the "rest of the country" bridged, and Centre and state synced, UP awaits what it believes to be the best development model in the marketplace. The two countries also released each other's fishermen, bringing down the level of heightened tension between them in the wake of surgical strikes conducted by India to destroy terror camps in POK after the Uri attack.

Union minister Nitin Gadkari is already in Goa as an observer, where Union Minister Manohar Parrikar is expected to be sworn in as the Chief Minister. Shah - known as the "Chanakya" of BJP - managed to forge successful broad coalition of castes in UP. The BJP emerged victorious in Uttar Pradesh by a resounding margin in what can only be termed as another 'Modi wave.' The BJP, along with its alliances, has won 324 seats out of 403 in the state assembly, the biggest majority for any party in Uttar Pradesh since 1980. Similarly, NewsX-MRC exit poll has given a slight edge to the BJP with 25 seats with Congress in second position with 17-23 seats and others managing 9-15 seats.

Since the numbers in the electoral college were not favourably stacked for the BJP, the ruling party had to adopt the consensus route and come up with a name acceptable to many in the Opposition.

  • Leroy Wright