4 things to know about daylight saving time this Sunday, March 12

When daylight saving time begins each year has changed over the years.

Beyond just cutting sleep and making you groggy at work for a few days, daylight saving is a great opportunity to check smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, vehicle batteries or schedule a bi-annual tooth cleaning.

The widely held belief that daylight-saving time was established to benefit farmers is untrue. Do you really need to lose any more sleep? The clocks go forward one hour at 2 a.m. this Sunday as we spring forward for Daylight Saving Time.

The short-term pain for those folks who have to change their clocks? Sunrise and sunset will be about an hour later Sunday than Saturday. The long-term gain: They'll more evening light in the months ahead, when the weather warms and many people want to be outdoors.

Most of Arizona has remained a loyal Mountain Standard Time state ever since.

Arizona and Hawaii already opt out of the shift, as do USA territories American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

How long does Daylight Saving Time last? Things like the stove, microwave, and coffee pot clocks still require manual adjustment for this loss of an hour. And a study that same year from the University of California, Santa Barbara found it might even increase energy consumption.

It's time to say goodbye to the snow and jackets as spring time approaches and Daylight Savings Time 2016 stars in the United States of America. War brought nationwide usage again when Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed year-round Daylight Saving Time in 1942.

It's nearly time to change our clocks and spring forward into longer, hopefully warmer nights. The current uniform start of DST begins on the second Sunday in March and ends the first Sunday in November. What do you think of Daylight Savings Time?

Reservations. The Navajo Reservation observes daylight saving time; the Hopi Reservation does not. This is also the ideal time to replace their batteries, allowing them to keep time accurately all year long.

  • Leroy Wright