Washing machine in India launched with "curry" function

A new washing machine has been launched on the Indian market to help against curry stains. Panasonic was initially selling Japanese-style models that boast excellent water-saving and other features, but many Indians complained, "These machines just can not remove curry stains sufficiently".

Having looked at what goes into curries, the team were able to work out the optimum conditions for the stains to be removed.

The firm's response was to analyze the ingredients of curry throughout India as well as study the lifestyles of the locals.

The idea for a curry fighting washing machine came after customer complaints of lingering stains even after washing. But removing these blemishes comes at a price.

We can't really think of anything more appropriate for the United Kingdom than a "curry mode"-equipped washing machine, so perhaps there's an easy relaunch on the cards".

The BBC reported that Panasonic was hoping to sell 30,000 "StainMasters" by the end of March 2018, for around £268.

Only about 10 per cent of homes in India have washing machines, as most people still wash their clothes by hand.

Panasonic India first announced that it would be debuting lines of washing machines and air conditioners in February, specifically targeted to the Indian market and that the appliances would be addressing needs specific to the location. Panasonic is looking to sell 330,000 washing machines in two years, which would be about double that of sales in fiscal 2015.

  • Zachary Reyes