No reason to believe Trump is 'target' of any investigation, Spicer says

White House press secretary Sean Spicer passed along an answer from President Donald Trump on Friday about whether he still believed jobs reports were "phony" or "totally fiction". Here are the highlights.

Spicer said the president will not withdraw the wiretapping claims until they have been adjudicated.

As chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors under President Obama from 2013 until this past January, Furman emailed a lengthy analysis of the monthly jobs report and often went on TV to discuss the data. "I don't think that should come as a surprise to anyone". Why didn't Flynn - or Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who also met with Kislyak - offer up all information about communications with Russian officials, Democrats ask, unless they had something to hide? We hate to trust Sean's powers of awareness on this one too, but it's the best we've got for now.

To be clear, it's very, very unlikely that Spicer was actually referencing the show, but there are some striking comparisons between the Underwood administration and the Trump administration that people latched onto pretty quickly online. "He is in sell mode".

"No, there's not promo", Spicer said laughing.

"It's interesting how there's sort of a double standard with when the leaks occur, how much outrage there is", he said.

"Anybody who leaks classified information will be held to the highest degree of the law". There is a massive, massive difference. I think that is a fairly focused effort.

"It is our policy as a government not to confirm the authenticity of any kind of disclosure or hack", Spicer said.

Spicer has previously said he might curtail White House press briefings, but until now he has been holding the briefings nearly every week day.

On what's on the menu for the president's dinner with Sen.

"I talked to the president prior to this and he said to quote him very clearly: They may have been phony in the past, but it's very real now", Spicer said. This is a president who wants to engage with members on both sides of the aisle.

  • Salvatore Jensen