Lawyer and Uber Driver Catches Lying Cop on Tape

Unfortunately for the officer in Wilmington, North Carolina, the driver - who works for Uber in his spare time - just happened to be a criminal defense attorney. I'm sitting here in my auto.

"You're being a jerk", the officer added before calling for a K-9 unit.

She said: 'The thing that jumps out is what if this was not an attorney, what if this was someone who didn't know his rights or how to assert them?' "I can record you".

He said he is anxious that officers are giving citizens unlawful orders that are followed because people don't know any better. When Bright tried to explain that he was an Uber driver and did not personally know his passenger, beyond the information he received to pick him up from a particular location, the officers didn't believe him.

"I was mainly surprised because one of the officers who was there has had a trial in court with me and so he recognized me", he said. When Bright refused, Becker called for a K-9 unit. "I hope so", replies the sergeant.

"If he's willing to directly lie to me, and tell me you know this is against the law to film police, then it worries me you know most people when they're given an order by an officer they don't know that it's an unlawful order", Bright told WWAY. "I'm not being a jerk", said Bright.

Sgt. Becker at first was in disbelief-Bright's a lawyer and an Uber driver? But for Bright, it's important people know what's legal when it comes to getting stopped by police. Finally, the cops, without Bright's consent, intimidated him to the point where he was unlawfully coerced into conceding to a search.

Sgt Kenneth Becker was caught on tape asking Bright to stop filming and threatened to send him to jail if he did not. The video also confirms this, since the dog never stopped or "alerted" to anything.

"How's that amusing?" asks Bright as he points out this unprofessional officer's conduct.

"He found absolutely nothing illegal in my vehicle, or my person, and eventually walked back to his auto", Bright told WECT. Another officer told me that me and my Uber passenger were free to go.

Jerry Brewer with the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office said there is no internal investigation in that department because their deputy did not violate anything.

'As a matter of fact we invite citizens to do so when they believe it is necessary.

Part-time Uber driver Jesse Bright said he took his phone out to record the police after he was pulled over in his auto - but claims one of the officers told him it was illegal to do so. We believe that public videos help to protect the police as well as our citizens and provide critical information during police and citizen interaction'.

"Obviously it could have been a lot worse", Bright said.

"Not only does the Sheriff agree that it is legal to record encounters, he invites citizens to do so", the release reads.

  • Salvatore Jensen