Daniel Bryan Reveals Timetable for Possible In-ring Return

Appearing on Talking Smack on the WWE Network following Tuesday's edition of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan made an interesting remark that seemed to indicate he may return to the squared circle. By the time he is free and clear from WWE he will be 37 years old (he turns 36 in May of this year) and he will be able to command top dollar from independent companies and could potentially make more money than he is now making with WWE while working his own desired schedule.

Bryan was forced to retire in February of past year due to multiple concussions and a lesion on the brain.

Daniel Bryan wasn't one of the bulked-up musclemen that Vince McMahon traditionally favored, but rather a man of short stature and slight build by classical WWE standards.

Bryan also said in an interview with Gorilla Position last month that a return to in-ring action in the WWE isn't even completely off the table. One thing that would work in Daniel Bryan's favor if he does decide to wrestle again is that working outside of WWE would allow him to control his own schedule and he could work as much or as little as he wants. He is a four-time WWE world champion and a future WWE Hall of Famer.

But should Bryan be wrestling? If you're forced to quit the sport you love with a passion at an age (34) where you should still be in your prime, it's certainly going to be hard. It happened because of his history of head injuries and concussions during his career.

Another compelling argument against a potential Daniel Bryan WWE return would be the fact that Talking Smack is home to a lot of "worked shoots", or promos/comments that interject a dose of realism, but are nonetheless scripted parts of storylines.

We will keep our readers posted on the latest news surrounding the future of Daniel Bryan and if he will return to a WWE ring.

  • Julie Sanders