Starbucks Unveils Colorful Spring Coffee Cups

Each size of cup is designated its own color, featuring white dots and cute little spring-themed doodles.

The cups come in three colours - pastel blue, yellow and green - making them just flawless for your Instagram feed.

According to Starbucks, they've made a decision to release the colourful cups to welcome Spring with open arms.

Sorry iced beverage drinkers; the new cups are for hot coffee only, and will be available starting on March 16 for a limited time.

Spring is in the air and Starbucks is ready for the change in weather and to its ever-morphing cup design.

They're a complete 180 from the usual Starbucks cups.

"After the gray days of winter, there's nothing quite like those first few bursts of color that indicate the arrival of springtime", reads the Starbucks press release.

  • Zachary Reyes