Overwatch Director Tells Players to Stop Custom Game XP Exploits

Even with these measures in place, players who have a mind to take advantage of some of the game's vulnerabilities will likely still continue their activities.

Players creating Custom Game lobbies that encourage, whether jokingly or otherwise, the practice of gaining experience while inactive are at risk of having their account slapped with a ban, says Kaplan, so if you're in either camp, it's probably a good idea to stop what you're doing.

Kaplan cares about Overwatch, but sometimes you can't treat your community like babies. Until now these matches did not kick any player for becoming inactive, and in periods of the low player count, they would revert to a Team Deathmatch-style mode, called Skirmish.

Blizzard is cracking down on those who use custom games to farm XP. According to Kaplan, a potential endgame for this process could be disabling being able to earn experience in custom games and violators risk having their accounts banned.

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the leading companies when it comes to bringing positive representation of different kinds of people into games, and a lot of the time that goes deeper than physical appearance. "Also, do not name your custom game that in anyway even implies that gaining experience while inactive is OK - please do not even do this as a joke - because you are putting yourself at risk of having your account banned". Kaplan revealed that Blizzard figured something like this might happen, and they created an "internal escalation plan" for dealing with it. Kaplan and the development team do not want things to reach that point, as the Game Browser is more fun without strict limitations, and so it is up to the Overwatch community to keep the Game Browser as clean as possible. If you select someone's Custom Game you get three options: Spectate, Join and Report.

"To fast forward a bit, the end of the escalation plan will result in experience gain being turned off in Custom Game". The above Custom Game changes outlined by Kaplan for Overwatch should already be available in your region, regardless of platform. "The feature is so much cooler and better for everyone if we do not have to put draconic restrictions on it", he pointed out, adding that he was saddened it had come to this. Don't join those games. The developer hopes that this, along with pleas for Overwatch players to report those who are misbehaving, will do the trick.

  • Arturo Norris