Obamacare replacement bill endangers hospital finances and bond ratings

However, Ward said he doesnt expect the plan as it now stands to survive.

Erika Fricke, health policy director at Pittsburgh-based nonprofit Allies for Children, said restructuring Medicaid would come with "major consequences", and she wanted to see the proposal subject to public vetting. While there is certainly room for further improvement in the way health care is financed and delivered, let's not roll back the progress that has been made.

Joseph said he was particularly concerned about changes to Medicaid funding directed to the states. "But Republicans would rather tell millions of hard-working families that they are on their own when it comes to their health care while making the pockets of the wealthy even deeper".

And while that could have a negative effect on the 52,000 Iowans who purchased subsidy-eligible health plans through the marketplace, the providers' biggest worry lies with changes proposed to the Medicaid program.

Business Insider reports that many in Washington, D.C., are expecting a bad report from economists studying the plan.

In states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA, the government would continue to pay for the majority of the cost of the expansion through 2020.

"The bill will effectively force states to end Medicaid expansion, which OH did several years ago, helping many low-income people with their health care needs", he said.

Federal funding for Medicaid coverage is important for beneficiaries to access behavioral health services and treatment for opioid use disorders, according to Tavenner.

He says if implemented right now, the new health care bill would probably end up driving up the federal deficit and insurance premiums for the middle class - something that has raised concerns from both Republicans and Democrats.

"The Medicaid piece is the most concerning and impactful", said Scott McIntyre, spokesman for the Iowa Hospital Association, which represents the state's 118 hospitals. As Congress begins to address repealing and replacing the flawed Affordable Care Act, Reed outlined the areas the new legislation will address.

Senate Majority Leader Fred Thomas, a Stevensville Republican, said the group will meet Thursday at 3 p.m.in the Capitol to discuss the measure and what the state would need to do to comply.

The website said it pressed Marshall on the comment, and he went on, "Just, like, homeless people".

One of the reasons for the uncertainty is because the Congressional Budget Office has not released an analysis of the bill, which would estimate the cost of how this legislation could impact the budget.

The GOP has put forth its plan for dismantling and replacing former President Barack Obama's polarizing health care initiative. “Theres just still not a lot of certainty of what will happen.”.

  • Joanne Flowers