Minnesota Planned Parenthood Clinic Quits Killing Babies in Dangerous Webcam Abortions

The State House News Service reports more than 100 anti-abortion activists congregated outside the State House press room on Wednesday in an attempt to pressure Governor Charlie Baker to defund public money to Planned Parenthood. They said Planned Parenthood performs more than 320,000 abortions annually, although all clinics have been barred from using federal Medicaid money for that objective since 1976.

Planned Parenthood's problems with federal funding are completely within their power to fix while still providing abortion services ("Maryland Democratic leaders support Planned Parenthood funding bill", March 8). About 78 percent of patients receiving preventive services at one of their clinics are at or below the federal poverty line, according to data from Planned Parenthood.

The hope among pro-life lawmakers is that, after health departments and similar organizations are funded, none would be left for Planned Parenthood.

House also said that women do not always have access to federally qualified health centers as an alternative to Planned Parenthood.

Many taxpayers do not believe government should pay for abortions, including Maryland taxpayers. Rosenbaum says these community health centers provide important services, but aren't as equipped to provide the reproductive services that Planned Parenthood is known for.

It's also Planned Parenthood's biggest business.

Worth mentioning here and everywhere else: One in five US women has visited a Planned Parenthood clinic for birth control, a cancer screening, a pap smear, STD tests, or, in some cases, pregnancy termination. Most Americans support choice, so Planned Parenthood shouldn't be demonized for providing that choice to women - a constitutionally protected right, no less. Texas saw a rise in pregnancy-related deaths and health complications after state Republicans succeeded in closing over 80 family planning clinics, including many operated by Planned Parenthood, through steep health care cuts.

"We are very concerned about that requirement, because it really ignores a host of situations like domestic abuse, a pending divorce, an incarcerated spouse, where filing a joint return may not be possible or safe", Borchelt told ELLE.com. "This is about basic preventative health care: well-woman exams, birth control, (sexually transmitted infections) testing and treatment".

According to the Congressional Budget Office, nearly $400 million in federal Medicaid funding goes to Planned Parenthood. We don't need to go back to those risky, bloody hanger days.

Nope, what we're seeing is a widespread attempt to control women - particularly low income women, women of color, and LGBTQ women -genderqueer, non-binary, and gender nonconforming people, by limiting their access to basic healthcare services.

  • Carolyn Briggs