May says it is 'time to get on' with leaving EU

It will also be negotiated at Council level, with its president Donald Tusk leading.

He now hopes to convince European leaders to agree on this.

Critics of the amendment say this will constrict Prime Minister Theresa May's negotiating ability and provide incentives for the European Union side to offer Britain a bad deal.

"We have serious concerns about the future of these transactions once the Brexit is implemented, and current legislation needs to be adjusted in order to ensure that supervision of euro derivatives falls under the responsibility of European Union institutions", Balz said.

He told the BBC today that he has received over 1,000 letters from pro-EU Brits who did not want to leave the "European civilisation" despite the Brexit vote.

"It is time to get on with leaving the European Union and building the independent, self-governing, global Britain the British people have called for", the United Kingdom prime minister said at the EU Council meeting on 9 March.

Afterwards, he said the Government needed to make contingency plans for a disorderly Brexit that could see Britain crashing out of the European Union without any deal.

The British government could be fined to compensate France, Germany, Spain and Italy for lost customs revenue, according a report from the European anti-fraud office.

"The day will come when the British will re-enter the boat, I hope".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the European Union risks running into trouble unless it allowed members to participate at varying levels of intensity.

"I don't think yesterday will be the long-term state of the EU", Prime Minister Xavier Bettel said.

Tory backbenchers are increasing pressure on Theresa May ahead of crucial votes next week, to make certain that Parliament has the final say on Britain's future at the end of Brexit negotiations.

"I had the impression the Brexit issue is encouraging the others to continue... integration is (gaining) a larger adherence of the population", he said. "I regret it. It's not the end", Juncker said.

A multi-speed union would threaten the development of eastern members outside the euro area and potentially ignite social unrest, fears Hungarian Economy Minister Mihaly Varga.

What about Brussels? Will we see more or less Europe? The British government wants to avoid spoiling the party by filing for divorce around then.

  • Leroy Wright