Kim Jong-nam' Son Surfaces on YouTube

The clip, posted online on Wednesday, showed the man - who says he is Kim Jong Nam's son - tell the camera that his father was killed "a few days ago".

National Immigration Agency head Ho Jung Tsun said that Mr Kim Han Sol, the son of Mr Kim Jong Nam, had not entered Taiwan, reported the China Post.

Kim Han Sol, 21, is believed to be the only son of the deceased Kim Jong Nam and attended the United World College of Mostar, an global school for students aged 17-18, dedicated to promoting peace.

Kim Jong-nam was killed with nerve agent VX and two women have been arrested being accused to have smeared the poison on his face.

The man identifies himself as Han-sol from North Korea and part of the Kim family, and displays his passport as proof.

He ended by saying: "We hope this gets better soon".

Kim Han Sol pictured attending college in France in 2013.

Kim Han Sol has been seen as key to identifying the body of Kim Jong Nam, with Malaysian authorities trying to collect DNA samples from family members to help finalize the identification procedure.

He shows his North Korean diplomatic passport as evidence of his identity but the page that shows his particulars is digitally covered. "The three family members were met quickly and relocated to safety", it said, also in English.

The Malaysian government has called on the family of Kim Jong-nam to come forward and retrieve his body, now kept in Kuala Lumpur, but no one has claimed the body, apparently because of assassination fears.

Men and women from a trade union and several Islamic groups called on the Indonesian government and the global community to investigate the killing of Kim Jong Nam and work to free Aisyah.

Cheollima is the name given to a mythical horse in Chinese and Korean folklore, which is said to be able to travel great distances. According to an accompanying statement by Cheollima Civil Defense, they were aided by the governments of the Netherlands, the US, and South Korea.

The UN's World Food Programme said two of its Malaysian staff left North Korea Thursday after Kuala Lumpur and Pyongyang banned each other's citizens from leaving their countries in a row over the murder of Kim Jong-Nam. That's precisely what he's done, according to Cheollima Civil Defense.

Ambassador Embrechts is a very experienced diplomat with previous service in the Netherlands Embassy in Seoul between 1993 and 1997, was Dutch Ambassador to Malaysia between 2005 and 2009, and has been Ambassador to South Korea since 2015. In a 2012 interview with Finnish television, Kim Han-Sol said he has been dreaming that one day he would return to the country and make things easier for the people there.

  • Leroy Wright