Driver attacked by bikers in San Francisco

The group was first seen performing stunts in the street shortly before driving onto Highway 101 and surrounding a white vehicle, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Instead, the group got into a verbal altercation with the driver, and the riders began striking the auto with their bikes and fists.

Several other drivers and witnesses partially videoed the freaky attack, including one Uber driver.

Natalie King of Modesto told the Chronicle that her 35-year-old brother, Alex, was the Uber driver who was assaulted after male bikers surrounded the auto and began hitting the vehicle and yelling.

Cellphone video shot by a witness shows the violent attack as it unfolded about 6:15 p.m. Wednesday near the Cesar Chavez exit, said Officer Vu Williams, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol in San Francisco. A woman identified as the victim's sister told the Chronicle that her brother drove into San Francisco almost every day from his home in the Central Valley city of Modesto to drive for Uber.

The incident began when a auto drove in front of the white Toyota Uber vehicle and stopped the auto, while the bikers surrounded the vehicle.

When the Corolla driver got out of his auto, possibly, KRON says, "to defuse the situation", he was beaten severely, and suffered injuries including a broken leg.

Another driver then took over, punching and kicking the victim who struggled to get up and defend himself.

Other witnesses told police that before the attack took place, other bikers were driving slowly and recklessly, causing traffic to slow across all lanes.

He's now in the hospital with significant injuries including a broken leg. None were life threatening.

  • Zachary Reyes