Bears sign former Bucs starter Mike Glennon

Ian Rapoport tweeted this morning that the former 3rd-Round selection will get an average of $14.5 Million per year over three years to try and fix what Jay Cutler couldn't. While the Glennon signing is not going to light the Bears' fan base aflame, the franchise can at least push the idea that it went searching for a quarterback with an undefined ceiling. Also let go was running back Khiry Robinson, who broke his leg at the end of the season.

So add it up, and not only is Glennon's deal below average for a starting quarterback in the National Football League, they could add a top-five pick at the position and still land outside the top 10 in the financial resources they're committing to signal-callers.

The Chicago Bears have made a decision to move on from the Jay Cutler era - one that will probably be remembered more for fans burning his jersey than anything else. He accumulated more yards and touchdowns than any other Bears quarterback while picking up many other career club records, including passer rating and completion percentage.

Cutler is familiar with the Jets' new quarterbacks coach, Jeremy Bates, having worked with him in Chicago and Denver. The Houston Texans took a similar flier on an inexperienced Osweiler last offseason and now face major challenges recovering from what appears to have been misplaced hope. There's potential for growth, but Glennon likely doesn't have a higher ceiling than what he's shown to this point. He started multiple games in 2013 and 2014 before losing the starters job to Jameis Winston. Glennon played three snaps the following week in Tampa Bay's win over the Bears in Tampa. At just 27 years old, Glennon is just entering his prime, and with proper coaching, he could improve dramatically. Jets, No. 39) alone in the second, and Glennon in the third.

Either way, the bottom of the quarterback market is squeezing the top of the market, and the guy who used to be at the top of the market should want a new contract, even if he claims he doesn't. Four quarterbacks were selected in the 2013 fourth round, beginning with Matt Barkley; same lack of results.

What are your thoughts on Glennon leaving the Bucs? But coach Greg Schiano was sacked and Lovie Smith hired in 2014. Oh, and, the Bears released their starting quarterback in Jay Cutler and lost primary wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to the Philadelphia Eagles. And since the 2015 season, has attempted a whopping 11 passes in the NFL. The team was connected to a lot of big names but generally failed to reel any of them in. Rams free-agent running back Benny Cunningham reportedly plans to visit.

Replacing him will mean a lower-end free-agent move or yet another pick in the draft.

  • Julie Sanders