Bears Are Releasing QB Jay Cutler

Buh-bye, Bears. Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari's husband of three years, was released by the team on Thursday, March 9, after eight seasons. It may stem from the amount of money he's expected to be given, because that vitriol got cranked up again on Thursday morning with a report of an impending contract with Chicago. The perception that his burning desire to win had been extinguished - if it had ever been ignited in the first place - gained traction when interviews with about a dozen former Bears coaches, teammates and staffers revealed that none of them thought Chicago could with Cutler as quarterback.

Cutler's departure makes official the speculation that the Bears would be moving in a new direction at QB (hello, Mike Glennon), perhaps the hardest position on an National Football League team to get right.

Before the other teams withdrew, many pundits already said the Bears were the frontrunners for his signature and that he reportedly prefers to go to Chicago as well.

There is no simple, black-and-white answer to the Cutler signing question, because it all depends on the contractual commitment the Jets make to Cutler. But the Patriots stepped in. And yet, interestingly, he clearly also was the most talented and productive quarterback the Bears ever had. How's that heritage franchise stuff selling these days, George McCaskey? They also failed to land Brian Hoyer, who is expected to sign with the San Francisco 49ers. So, the Bears' apparently aren't even the most desirable 3-13 team.

It's unclear what the structure of Glennon's deal is, so perhaps there are options for the Bears to move on if Glennon doesn't play well. Agents for free agent players have been able to negotiate with all teams since Tuesday. In addition to that, he signed another aging safety in Quintin Demps just two years after he signed Antrel Rolle.

The Bears re-signed Josh Bellamy, so they won't have to overpay in free agency to fill that void at dropped passes. Or Adrian Amos? Don't answer. We're going to attempt to help you here.

Another day, another chance for the NFL's heritage franchise to get pantsed nationally.

  • Zachary Reyes