Assembly Elections 2017: Who's Winning Where? Here's What Exit Poll Shows

Brokers said that sustained capital inflows by foreign funds at the domestic bourses and widespread buying by retail investors after exit polls showed the BJP emerging as the single largest party in Uttar Pradesh as well as Goa and coming to power in Uttarakhand lifted the key indices. Thus, a hung assembly can not be ruled out here as well. In an interview to BBC Hindi radio, Mr Yadav said that if the SP-Congress combine fell short of a majority, they would not mind "joining hands with Mayawati's BSP in a bid to keep BJP out of the state", and because "nobody wants President's rule in the state".

The SP-Cong combine, meanwhile, will bag 133 seats and BSP 67.

Kejriwal's invective might be directed at Modi, but his actions are proving perilous for the Congress instead which - if exit poll projections hold on Saturday - now stand on the verge of being erased from every pocket of its once considerable power and influence except in Karnataka.

If the majority of the exit polls are to be believed, the Modi mania continues to sweep Uttar Pradesh.

India Today-Axis poll gave 251-279 seats to the BJP, while Today's Chanakya for News 24 channels projected the BJP winning 285 seats in UP. Nothing was projected about the Trinamool Congress, too, which had seven seats in the Manipur Assembly in 2012 - the second-highest tally after the Congress (42). Among all the opinion polls there is a diminutive change in the figures on how AAP and Congress will score in the state. However, Today's Chanakya and India Today - Axis My India gave the party a massive majority. In the past two elections, the BSP and SP even attained majorities by themselves. The SAD contested 94 seats while BJP in 23 seats. Congress was given 46-56 seats while it was predicted that AAP can get somewhere around 36-46 seats. If Punjab has a hung verdict, it will benefit AAP, for in the next round, voters may well opt for real change instead of the Congress, as happened in Delhi between 2013 and 2015.

In the 403-member assembly, a hung assembly means days of political instability even after the results are announced. Are the people of the state done with the two regional parties and find Prime Minister Narendra Modi a far better player to rely on? The poll also gave the BJP edge in Uttarakhand and Goa.

India Today projected 18-22 seats for the BJP in 40-seat Goa Assembly followed by the Congress with 9-13 seats.

  • Joanne Flowers