Uber self-driving cars coming back to California roads

That's when Uber - an aggressive player in the self-driving race to bring the technology to the market - rolled out a pilot program of more than a dozen cars in San Francisco, its hometown. The Verge explained that California law requires companies that test self-riding vehicles, like Uber, to register for an autonomous driving permit.

While Uber can continue its pilot program, the company said Wednesday it has no plans to resume with passengers onboard as it did before.

Gov. Ducey will be the first rider of the self-driving Uber trip along with Anthony Levandowski, Uber Advanced Technologies Group vice president.

Uber refused to pay and the DMV pulled registrations for 16 of the autonomous vehicles. The company responded that it would simply move those autonomous vehicles to Arizona.

Uber's self-driving Volvos are finally street-legal.

Agency spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez said the DMV also approved 48 people as backup drivers who must sit behind the wheel in case the prototype cars malfunction.

Uber last month launched a pilot program in Tempe, allowing passengers to hail a ride in a self-driving auto through the Uber app.

With the approval, Uber becomes the 26th company to have a self-driving auto testing permit in California.

The ride-sharing service isn't saying when it will actually begin operating again, and it initially may run the vehicles without picking up paying passengers, according to some news reports.

"Now that Uber has permits to test, the company's activities must be closely monitored by police", Consumer Watch Director John Simpson said. Uber is also looking forward to launch in other cities in Arizona.

  • Arturo Norris