To-Hawaii flight diverted to Los Angeles after dispute over blanket fee

The flight was from Las Vegas in Nevada to Hawaii but was diverted to Los Angeles airport because of the passenger's antics.

It landed in Los Angeles at 10:23 a.m.

The man voluntarily abandoned his flight and caught another one, he said.

Da Silva said the plane will be refueled and will land in Honolulu later today, but he did not know exactly when.

When told he would have to fork out $12 for the blanket, the unidentified man got upset and demanded to speak to a corporate representative from the airline, Pedregon said.

Footage of the incident shows the man, wearing a hoodie and a baseball cap, being escorted from the plane by police officers. Passengers onboard Flight 7 are still at LAX as they await instructions on how the flight to Honolulu will be completed. According to police, he then said, "I'd like to take someone behind the wood shed for this". According to the FAA, the flight left McCarran International Airport at 8:44 a.m. They chose to land the plane in Los Angeles. The flight attendant said the cabin was "on secured lock-down".

The remaining passengers remained at LAX this morning and were not immediately told what would happen next.

Star-Advertiser reporter Leila Fujimori reported from on board Hawaiian Airlines flight 7.

  • Leroy Wright