There's good news and bad news on The Division year two

With The Division's final "Year One" DLC now available to season pass owners, it is time for Ubisoft to start looking to the future. In this first paid expansion, Underground, dive into the underbelly of NY with up to three friends to save what remains. And coming two years after the original release.

Loadout feature has been requested by The Division's player base since its launch and after nearly a year Ubisoft will finally be adding it to the game.

The free content will take the form of two large expansions, the developer revealed, and there won't be any publisher-specific deal on when the expansions launch either (between delayed launches and gameplay bugs that prevented Ubisoft from sticking on schedule, many gamers felt short-changed by the original content plan). Developers from the studio will also be providing fans with more details on what to expect for the games second year of DLCs. "[It] will reward players for different activities - long-term activities, short-term activities, and medium-term activities within the game", Gerighty adds. There are plans to include a loadout feature that lets players switch quickly between their favourite gear combinations. He described it as a "light narrative content", and that Massive is working on expanding the playable areas of the game as well.

"[This content will put a twist] on how people played the game before and reignite their engagement with the content", he said.

Adding that the first of the free expansions is due to be released this summer.

"We can't really deliver story missions that will fit into the RPG aspects of the game in a simple way". "Story missions are tricky, but that doesn't mean we won't have narrative content", he explains.

That there were no new factions, maps, story expansions, or characters announced has some players upset, with many pointing to Massive Entertainment's recently-announced Avatar title as proof Massive is leaving The Division to wither and die.

Massive will be celebrating its first year anniversary and they are preparing for a livestream for The Division of Team Clancy. "You may have already played in one style, but transforming that and then applying a competition filter is a very engaging way to deliver new experiences and new activities to the community", Gerighty said.

  • Carolyn Briggs