'Snappy' New IKEA Furniture Could Save Your Marriage

The secret is a ribbed joint called a wedge dowel that comes pre-installed and eliminates the need for tools and all those tiny fittings the company admits drive many customers insane.

The brand has developed a new type of joint, called a wedge dowel, that does away with the need for screws, bolts, screwdrivers and allen keys, thus making it quicker and easier to assemble furniture.

Instead, customers can simply snap parts of a product together like they were building a jigsaw, Ikea says.

The range has small ribbed protrusions that can be slotted into pre-drilled holes without glue.

The Swedish company's products are notoriously hard to put together - experts have even done studies on why building a piece of Ikea furniture can cause arguments between couples.

(See how it works here.) "We see some challenges in the time and interest", supply manager Jesper Brodin says.

'We are now into the implementation phase of making it possible for you to click your furniture together'. Consumers loved it, so the company now intends to introduce the dowel across their whole furniture range, starting with the Lisabo table. "People move a lot more now", Brodin told Dezeen.

"It is also better in build quality terms - if you dissemble it and assemble some of the current furniture again it might lose some of the strength of the fittings".

Did we mention, you can have your sanity back?

Some models will still reportedly have to be assembled the old-fashioned way, but according to the company, "Big furniture products are going to be clicked together".

  • Zachary Reyes