Patrick Stewart Could Make A Cameo on Legion

While Logan was also Stewart's last hurrah in an X-Men film, the actor is now revealing terms under which he would like to reprise Professor X. High on that list, Patrick confesses to being a fan of the new FX series, Legion, and says he would welcome the chance to bring Professor X into the mix.

Stewart's a fun-loving guy, so it's not a shock to hear he'd be open to a Deadpool 2 role.

On "The Late Late Show With James Corden", Stewart once again told the story of screening "Logan" with Hugh Jackman in Berlin and shedding a tear that it would be a ideal farewell to Professor X. But then, he hedged, as he has been in recent days, mentioning there's been talk of including Xavier in the "Deadpool" sequel.

"Somebody has mentioned Deadpool", admits Stewart in the clip above, before going on to get very excited when fellow Late Late Show guest Dan Stevens suggests that he appear in Legion. "What about Professor X in "Legion"?"

"There will never be a more ideal time to say "Thank you" and "Goodbye" to this franchise", Stewart said of watching the finale of Logan at the film's premiere alongside Hugh Jackman. Stewart immediately and enthusiastically said he'd "absolutely, 100 percent" do it, so now Stevens has to go back to Legion boss Noah Hawley and convince him to make it happen.

Logan Star Patrick Stewart Reflects On A Lifetime As Professor XPatrick Stewart talks about his emotion goodbye with Hugh Jackman at a "Logan" screening. Patrick Stewart felt that there was no better way to say goodbye to X-Men than with Logan.

All good things have to come to an end at some point. And yet, Stewart keeps teasing at Professor X appearances in other Marvel-based films and TV shows.

  • Joanne Flowers