New Poll Shows That Melania Trump's Popularity Is On The Rise

The results say that about 52 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Melania Trump, which is a major increase from the 36 percent during the pre-inauguration.

NY [U.S.], March 9 (ANI): In a sharp contrast to what the world actually thinks, first lady Melania Trump's likeability ratio has taken quite a spike, indicating that the more Americans learn about her, the more they seem to favour her.

The poll found just 12% has no opinion of Melania Trump, compared with 23% prior to the inauguration.

Although President Trump and Ivanka have both tweeted messages commemorating International Women's Day, the First Lady has not yet released an official statement, and there's no word on what her remarks at this luncheon could focus on. Mrs. Trump hosted her first White House event - the Governors Ball - at the end of February.

According to CNN, the findings did follow party lines as 86 percent of Republicans polled saw her favorably, while just 22 percent of Democrats polled say the same.

It also revealed that men have a higher opinion of the first lady than women do, a reversal of former first lady Michelle Obama, who was liked more by women than men.

According to the poll, men have a more favourable view of her than women.

The poll was conducted by phone, with 1,025 adult Americans taking part in the interview.

  • Larry Hoffman