Trump accuses Obama of allowing Russia to take Crimea

Trump met Kislyak during a VIP reception April 27 at the Mayflower Hotel shortly before a foreign policy address, according to a report at the time in the Wall Street Journal.

"Several Ambassadors were present" at Trump's foreign policy speech and pre-speech reception, hosted by the Center for the National Interest, a think tank, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders told AFP.

All three men met with Mr Kislyak when they were campaigning on behalf of Mr Trump in the lead-up to last year's election. "Don't speak to people from Russian Federation", he said, while exempting two calls with Vladimir Putin since becoming president.

After Trump's inauguration in January, the speculation over Kremlin's hand in his stunning victory in November have not only not faded but were invigorated by the newly emerged accusations stemming from Trump's administration officials' contacts with the Russian ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak. An unverified dossier about Trump's ties to Russia, compiled by the former British spy Christopher Steele at the request of anti-Trump Republicans, named Page as a liaison between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. "Don't speak to people from Russian Federation", he said during a February press conference.

Sessions on Monday clarified his confirmation hearing testimony to acknowledge that he spoke twice past year with the Russian ambassador during the campaign, but he said he stood by his earlier remarks as an honest and correct answer to a question. Democrats, at 51 percent, are about twice as likely to consider Putin's oligarchic paradise a "very serious threat". The White House pushed back hard again on Tuesday when coverage of the meeting resurfaced calling it "disingenuous and absurd".

Trump himself, however, took issue with the fact that such "illegal leaks" were possible in the first place, calling the disclosure of confidential information by unnamed Washington officials "the real story".

Almost two months into President Donald Trump's administration, the news is filled with stories about another key member of the Trump administration having ties to Russian Federation.

"This is something unbelievable and I don't actually think it corresponds with our national interests - I mean both interests of the U.S. and Russian Federation", he said. "Mr. Trump was at the reception for about five minutes and then went immediately to the podium", she said. And it's further true that a surprising number of people in Trump's orbit have business in Russian Federation or periodic contacts with highly-placed officials in Russian Federation.

Over the last few days, media outlets around the world have asked one question: who exactly is Sergey Kislyak? It seemed completely obvious, although circumstantial, that something is up regarding Russian Federation and the Trump administration.

A week later, Democrats have called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign and the president alleged Barack Obama had his phones in Trump Tower illegally wire tapped during the campaign.

Sixth President Trump must know the optics created by controversy are not good for the long term for the long term health of his administration.

  • Leroy Wright