The Flash Season 3 Episode 16 - Into the Speed Force Preview

Absent since the Winter Finale, we are anxious to know what has become of him. Also scared? Caitlin, of becoming Killer Frost, and that leads to her making a decision that she admits to the rest of the team. Needless to say, Barry and Iris' relationship on The Flash isn't headed for marriage any time soon. It was spontaneous, Barry tells him. With Wally trapped and Iris's days literally numbered, Barry is against the ropes. In this case, they play right into Savitar's hand and unleash his particular brand of evil back into the world. Poor Julian needs to go under Savitar's influence again, and he has a heated discussion with Caitlin that makes it look like theirs is the quickest ending ship of all time. Caitlin says to trust that she will still be able to see the real him, so he kisses her.

- Future Barry trapped him where he is. Barry took everything from him, and he's only this way because of all of them.

- Barry is there when he is created. He's closer to his freedom than he's ever been, he claims, and every move he makes brings him even closer. Either they can't remember how many times they've built conflict out of those six words, or they just don't care how often they repeat themselves.

Wally, though - that's one outcome that would take everyone on the team by surprise. "There's no stopping Savitar". He's 10 steps ahead.

Uh-oh. Wally confronts Barry around everyone else, and the truth comes out.

- Iris has to die because it is her or him.

Wasn't There Talk of No More Secrets? . Iris is not happy about that and calls him out on proposing out of fear rather than love. That could explain why the future isn't changing. But it turns out he did so hastily - he didn't even ask Joe for permission. That's what she's afraid of, she tells him.

Savitar also once again says he is the future Flash, but what does that exactly mean? While the episode is filled with several great performances and intriguing twists, it never quite comes together because Savitar is a pretty boring villain so far, and because the show keeps repeating the same old tricks to lesser effect. Read if you want to know more. He's not alone, his girlfriend assures does his mother?! Apparently, he's now fast enough to save Iris from Savitar. Wally realizes it's Savitar messing with his head.

Well, it's a piece of the Stone.

It's that "eternity" that gets Barry thinking. Whether it's the newsfeed items or now Barry's proposal to Iris, there's no logical reason why changing any of these events would alter the future Barry saw of Savitar killing Iris.

- So that last scene: Wally gets taunted by Savitar until he throws the remaining shard of the Philosopher's Stone into the Speed Force so he can escape the Speed Force LALALALA IT'S NOT THE SAME PLOT AS THE DRACO LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU. The team at STAR Labs quickly realizes that Savitar has been in the Speed Force the entire time just as Wally opens a vortex and throws the rock in.

It's that massive power surge that allows the others to find his location, and Barry can only watch as Wally is pulled into the speed force and Savitar then climbs out.

- Next week: Flash dementors, Len Snart, and Eddie Thawne in the Speed Force!

H.R. Wells wants to take credit for Wally West continuing to get faster, though Caitlin Snow wonders if it's having his girlfriend, Jesse Quick, around.

How does Barry get him out?

Savitar's plan, as he reveals at the end of the episode, has been a patient long con.

- Cisco: "One will suffer a fate worse than death". Joe doesn't blame Barry, but he can't lose Wally. So she gives back the ring. Like get killed, I think (but don't hope for). "My fear's the reason for all of this". Do you think that Wally made that future with Iris not wearing a ring a reality by telling her about it? How do we know he can't see everything what we're doing.

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  • Salvatore Jensen