'The Bachelor': Which Of Nick Viall's Final 2 Girls Are You? - QUIZ

But all that stuff was a moot point knowing what we know, although I will say that Rachel looked adorable in her fuzzy penguin pyjamas.

Vanessa Grimaldi started to question Nick Viall on 'The Bachelor'. But, back to the grind for poor Nick, as he has to go on his sex date with Vanessa that day as well. And while Vanessa keeps trying to have serious talks with Nick about their potential problems, Raven seems to go with the flow more. He says they are both stubborn, which is true.

She was named as the next star of The Bachelorette last month while still competing for Nick's heart. We left on a cliff-hanger: Did Nick give her the first orgasm of her life?

Rachel emerges from the fantasy suite the next morning wearing a penguin onesie.

Rachel's Goodbye: Rachel's departure surprised at least one person: Rachel. But keeping her vibe upbeat (possibly because as the new Bachelorette she has plenty of romantic possibilities ahead of her), she assured Nick that she wasn't "upset" about the sitch between them. "I want someone to have an undeniable, unconditional, unexplainable love for me", said Rachel. If you know where she got her hooded penguin-print onesie, please share.

The girls say the first time they said they felt alienated from Corinne was the infamous nap she took during the rose ceremony, among other things. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't a Dolphin costume, it was a shark.

In what has to be the swan song for Rachel, already named the next Bachelorette, she and Nick go cross-country skiing before a long conversation about how much they like each other.

She added, "It's my journey in finding love".

Maybe what I'm watching is people who actually like each other?

Still, Nolan admits that some of what she said on the show was the problem: "It's a little rough to watch [the season]". As Canadian Hailey explained, "The majority of America knows Liz to be someone that slept with Nick". But I was never drunk on the show where I didn't know what I was doing, or anything like that. I was so skeptical.It was because of you, ' Rachel told him.

"We're bringing the guy back, who's been on the show four times now".

Get ready for arguing.it's time for "The Women Tell All" episode.

Still, the fantasy suite invitation was offered, complete with Chris Harrison's enviable penmanship and a fake-looking skeleton key. They discussed emotional intelligence, and Taylor stands by her statements of Corinne's supposed lack of emotional intelligence. And now if only all the interviewers asked her about this new outlook on dating rather than her enemy Taylor, Corinne could become a feminist icon.

Corinne's apologists, including Josephine and Jasmine, piled on and accused Taylor of being stuck up, which made Taylor cry. He rewarded her with a breakfast he cooked himself.

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