Philippines protests 'Madam Secretary' portrayal of leader

In the trailer of the popular American political TV series, "Madam Secretary", the title character is shown punching the face of what the show describes as the "unconventional & new Philippine president".

While the description for the trailer used a fictional name for the Philippine President, the embassy said the show mirrored current events.

This prompted the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC to write a letter to the CBS Corporation denouncing what it calls as highly negative portrayal of the President of the Philippines.

See photos from the episode, which is scheduled to air this Sunday.

MANILA-Malacañang on Tuesday twitted an American television series that negatively depicted a Philippine president and said that the show should have instead used a fictional U.S. president. In the promo and synopsis, it's made clear that the Filipino leader makes some kind of a pass at Elizabeth, and the situation quickly escalates to the point where she clocks him across the face and bloodies his nose.

"I clobbered a world leader instead of saving a major regional agreement", the Secretary of State says.

We are gratified that the embassy recognized Madam Secretary as a work of fiction, but are puzzled why it would waste real-world resources to complain about it.

In the US, President Donald Trump has been criticized for his remarks and inappropriate advances against women.

As to denigrating the way our nation navigates its foreign affairs, we need look no further than Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., who lied under oath about his American citizenship because he did not want to lose the position to which he is now clinging.

President Rodrigo Duterte hogged worldwide headlines previous year for making a sexist joke about the 1989 rape of an Australian missionary.

The President has also been criticised for wolf-whistling a female journalist at a press conference and joking about looking at his female Vice-President's legs.

But Duterte has won praise for a range of policies promoting women's rights, including reproductive health.

In 2009, the Philippine government demanded an apology from actor Alec Baldwin for joking about wanting to get a Filipina mail-order bride.

  • Leroy Wright