NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Embedded Computing Module Launches From $399

Jetson TX2 created to be twice as fast than its predecessor Jetson TX1, consume only 7.5 watts of power. With all the upgraded specifications, TX2 is two times faster than TX1, and it can quickly encode and decode 60 fps 4K content.

Who says that credit card-sized computers have to be a little underpowered and super-cheap?

Nvidia adds that Jetson is an open platform for anyone wanting to develop "advanced AI solutions at the edge", from students and startups to corporations and researchers. This means data processing activities are no longer happening in the cloud but instead at or near the processor surface. This lets them offer double the amount of processing that their products can achieve, or lets them operate at a much lower power point.

This is an AI supercomputer on a module, powered by NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture. Nvidia claims the TX2 is capable of the same performance of its predecessor while requiring less than 7.5w of power.

NVIDIA has today unveiled a new addition to its range of embedded computing modules with the launch of the new Jetson TX2 which measures just 3.4 x 2 inches in size and provides twice the performance of the original Jetson TX1 board. It makes it possible to push edge-of-network computing even further, allowing for the running of distributed neural networks right on edge devices that can more accurately do things like identify objects in images, recognize speech or interpret surroundings for autonomous navigation.

Nvidia will show off the TX2 in action at the Embedded World Conference 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, between March 14 and 16, alongside partners like Cisco, which will showcase a smart whiteboard design making use of the TX2. NVIDIA is back at it with the successor to the Jetson TX1 and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that it's called the Jetson TX2.

The TX2 is also set to help students and researchers do a lot more with a lot less investment than you'd typically require for getting started with AI - the developer kit for the new Jetson launches today, with a $599 price tag for preorders in the US and Europe, and a ship date starting March 14.

  • Carolyn Briggs