Maneka Gandhi under fire for her lakshman rekha remark

When questioned by a female college student on the rationale behind 6 p.m. curfews in ladies' hostels, the minister said: "When you are 16 or 17 you are also hormonally very challenged".

"It has to be solved literally by giving time limits for everything..."

"Yes, so maybe the same deadlines should be there for both boys and girls..."

Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi is facing backlash for her freakish statement saying curfew for girls in hostels are important as it protects themselves from their "hormonal outburst".

"So Maneka Gandhi advocates Hostel curfew for "Girls" to Hormonal Outburst I really laud her vision to see that all the rapes are by women", Aastha Varma said in a tweet. Gandhi said that if students are interested to go and study in the library, two nights should be given to boys and two nights for girls. "Let the boys also stay in and do their work", she said.

Another Twitter user suggested that Maneka Gandhi eat "lauki ki sabzi" to control her hormonal outburst.

Some of them even reminded her of her own past.

More often than not, when senior state functionaries fall back on a standard rhetoric about women's rights and gender equality, they end up promoting sexism and misogyny.

"Maneka Gandhi's "hormonal outburst" comment makes her sound like a khap panchayat representative", posted Kunal Majumder. This statement comes at a time when the Pinjra Tod movement, beginning with Delhi University, has been fighting dormitory restrictions for young women, agitating for the mobility and autonomy that is their due as adult citizens. Using multiple modes of publicity and activism, the campaign's members are mobilising large numbers of students to resist patriarchal fiats.

  • Salvatore Jensen