Just Cause Is Becoming A Movie Starring Justice League Member Jason Momoa

So the news that Aquaman himself Jason Momoa is starring in a Just Cause movie and that San Andreas'Brad Peyton is set to direct fills me with conflicting emotions.

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix's Just Cause franchise is heading to the big screen. It may be one of the purest video games ever made, a sandbox of pure destruction that presents the player with a playground full of vehicles and bad guys and just says "Go have fun". The story was a throwaway just like th previous two games, but the gameplay itself wasn't much of an improvement over Just Cause 2.

Producers are Peyton and Jeff Fierson through their ASAP Entertainment production company; Roy Lee through his Vertigo Entertainment; Adrian Askarieh through Prime Universe Films; Eva Cao through Supernova Entertainment; and Mason Xu and Fan Dong through DNA Co. Ltd. The writer of Master and Commander, John Collee, penned the script. And that right there is the first red flag for a Just Cause movie - there's a screenplay! He's now doing the superhero franchise thing with Justice League and Aquaman.

Deadline is reporting that Momoa has been picked to lead the film, which shows that the Game of Thrones alum seems to be doing quite well following the grunting, raping and killing he performed in the HBO series. Momoa is set to play series protagonist Rico Rodriguez; a highly-skilled operative who completes various assignments for the mysterious organization known simply as the Agency. The man deserves to be a huge star. No release date has been announced yet. While other films have utilized Momoa's glowering toughness to great effect, he's genuinely hilarious.

Seeing as Just Cause is famous for its madcap, sandbox action where Rodriguez can attach soldiers to propane canisters and shoot them into space, the tongue-in-cheek route is probably the best option.

  • Salvatore Jensen