International Women's Day: What This Celebration Is Really About

Nowadays, International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 all over the world in appreciation of women's contributions and achievements. Rallies are expected around the globe.

Women are also encouraged to avoid shopping for the day (except for small, women and minority-owned businesses) and take the day off from both paid and unpaid labor.

While many people think this is a community where we have achieved equality, unfortunately the data tells us that while we have come some way to creating a more equal community, there is still much work to be done. The national organizers acknowledge this might be hard for women with children and women with "economic insecurity".

Heidi Stevens looks at what men can do to support their wives and female co-workers, offering tips in the Chicago Tribune on how to collaborate on domestic chores and advocate for women colleagues.

"Given the unusually high number of requests, this may be attributed to the observance of International Women's Day", said Alvin L. Crawley, superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools, according to a statement obtained by CNN.

Today is the day on occasion of celebrating the Women's Day worldwide. The day is also meant to push for gender justice, recognizing that trans and gender non-conforming people face equally compelling issues of discrimination and marginalization. It's the day women around the world have observed ever since. The stories of women and girls - their strengths, diversity, adversity and resilience. So we bring 5 images of Indian women who will inspire you. Yes, that's worth re-stating: Women's demands for equality sparked one of the most significant events in modern European history. Spend your time with the women in your life and makes them feel they are very special for you.

We honour those women who fought for the right to have property in their name, and for those who campaigned that discrimination against a person because of their sex, marital status, or pregnancy should be illegal.

  • Leroy Wright