I want Prateek to join politics: Sadhna Yadav, Mulayam's second wife

On Tuesday, Sadhna Yadav, the wife of Samajwadi Party patron Mulayam Singh Yadav, said that "Netaji shouldn't have been treated the way he was" in reference to the family feud that happened before the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls between the father-son duo.

"I don't know who misled Akhilesh, he respects Netaji and me a lot", she said. But now she thinks it is required. "I want see him become Chief Minister again", she said.

Later, when mediapersons told Akhilesh about Sadhna's wish that Prateek should join politics, Akhilesh said: "I say, even if anybody among you wishes to join politics, you can".

Sadhna Gupta said, "I wish that the Samajwadi party is voted back to power and Akhilesh Yadav again takes over as the chief minister of UP". "I do not blame anyone for the allegations on her". Netaji and Shivpal Yadav were both humiliated and insulted during the feud in the party a year ago. On being blamed for the infighting, Sadhna held time responsible for the rough patch through which the family went, saying, "I have given my 100 per cent to the family". She also took up cudgels on behalf of Shivpal Yadav and said that the latter had done a lot for Mulayam and he should not have been insulted.

She alleged that her "home has been ruined" and that she "never had imagined that Akhilesh will get separated while Mulayam was still alive".

"I have given time to everyone.be it Professor (Ram Gopal Yadav) or his children, Dharmendra, Tipu or the daughter-in-laws. I want to him help the ill, kids who can not afford to go to school, differently-abled kids and cancer patients", Sadhna said.

Mulayam's wife said that she has put effort to unite the family. I have considered all as a family.

Netaji did not allow me to enter politics but I worked in the background.

Speaking her heart out, Mulayam's wife said, "Whatever the situation was, Netaji shouldn't have been insulted, as he is the one who founded and nurtured the party". My father used to say that one should not publicise good work, but now the times are different. I have kept the family united. She also talked about her bond with the UP CM and said, "I have been more in conversation with Akhilesh since Jan 1, than I have been in last 5 years".

  • Salvatore Jensen