Here's Who Jim Broadbent Is Playing In Game Of Thrones

Harry Potter fans will already know Broadbent from his lovable turn as Professor Slughorn and the actor will yet again be playing an academic in a beloved fantasy franchise because he's set to play a maester in Season 7.

During an interview with ScreenCrush, the Harry Potter actor was asked about his significant Thrones role, which EW was first to report previous year.

As Game of Thrones fans grow ever-impatient for HBO to reveal the date of the season seven premiere, any tidbit pertaining to the upcoming episodes becomes big news.

I'm a maester, an archmaester. "I'm an old professor character", he reportedly said. "I did five episodes". Ian McShane, who played Brother Ray in Season 6, divulged the nature of his character before it was kosher and also revealed he was only in one episode while complaining about people complaining about spoilers.

Broadbent also confirmed that he will be sharing scenes with John Bradley, who play Samuel Tarley. If for no other reason than MORE GAME OF THRONES! FUCK YEAH!

The prevailing theory seems to be that this maester will actually turn out to be Archmaester Marwyn, who earned the nickname Marwyn the Mage because of his unshakeable belief in magical creatures such as dragons and wights. There, he was told he'd have to wait to see the archmaester, who is nearly certainly Broadbent's character.

Season 7 will likely pick up from there where Broadbent's archmaester will meet with Sam, but here's why that meeting is so important. This means that when Sam tells him about the impending White Walker invasion, unlike the Tarly family who scoff at their existence, Marwyn believes him.

Of course, it's possible he could be playing a maester with a different name: Game of Thrones writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been known to deviate from Martin's writings on occasion, particularly in the most recent seasons.

  • Salvatore Jensen