Fitbit Finally Made A Good Looking Heart Rate Tracker

Fortunately Fitbit realised that was bad and has announced the Fitbit Alta HR, which takes everything we liked about the Fitbit Alta from a year ago, and adds in a continuous heart rate sensor.

None of the features are new or revolutionary, but you won't find a fitness tracker this small with similar features - the Alta HR is the slimmest tracker on the market that includes a heart rate monitor.

Fitbit has launched fitness wristband Alta HR that tracks heart rate and sleeping patterns of individuals. Today, Fitbit announced the new Alta HR (£130), a almost identical version of the original wristband that now includes a heart rate monitor inside of it.

According to Fitbit, the device's heart rate monitor actually does more work now while you're asleep than when you're awake so it can estimate how long you're in the various sleep stages: deep, light, and REM sleep. At a press briefing, Fitbit explained the process, which required developing a custom chip that miniaturised its PurePulse heart rate sensor for the smaller Alta chassis. But the Alta HR will be able to use heart rate measurements taken during sleep to inform new sleep statistics and insights.

Similarly, it has Sleep Insights which uses the whole of your Fitbit data to provide personalised guidance on how to improve your sleep for better overall health. Sleep Insights will be added to the Fitbit app and will work with all Fitbits except for the Zip (the only one without sleep-tracking features). For example, you may receive a prompt if Fitbit notices you sleep better at certain times: "You sleep a bit better on nights after a run".

Fitbit will roll out Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights to more of its devices as well.

Fitbit didn't stop with just the Alta HR, it also announced two more pieces of technology today.

The Alta HR is available for pre-sale now for US$150, for shipping starting in early April. The Alta comes with a basic sports band made of a durable, water resistant elastomer material and comes in black, blue gray, fuchsia and coral colors.

  • Zachary Reyes