Chance the Rapper Donates $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools

CHICAGO-Fast-rising star Chance the Rapper on Monday donated $1 million to Chicago's schools as he waded into the middle of a political feud that threatens to close down classrooms weeks early.

The mayor suggested that Rauner should instead introduce a balanced state budget.

A spokesman for the governor fired back at the mayor saying "sounds like someone has a Napoleon Complex". "Our talks were unsuccessful", Chance said. However, Chance, who supports increased funding for the school district, says the meeting wasn't successful.

"We are exhausted and exasperated by the rudderlessness under Gov. Rauner", Emanuel said. "The assumption or accusation or insinuation is condescending to Chance", Emanuel said, adding later he thinks "it's condescending to assume that Chance couldn't come to the conclusion on his own that this is wrong".

"Chance took the opportunity to say so", McGrath said.

Watch the full press conference here. Rauner has argued that CPS' current fiscal woes are due to what he has called "decades of financial mismanagement".

Emanuel rejected both proposals again on Tuesday, and a statement from his office called them "half-baked". "This isn't about politics, this isn't about posturing, this is about taking care of the kids", Chance the Rapper told a news conference at an elementary school that he streamed to his millions of social media followers.

Reporters pointed out the similarity and that Chance's father had been a top aide to the Mayor.

Chance publicly thanked Scooter Braun - famous for helping to launch Justin Bieber's music career - for donating to Social Works Chicago, as well as Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and comedian Hannibal Buress, a Chicago native, for donating to Social Works Chicago for Chicago's schools.

  • Salvatore Jensen