Boeing's bigger 737 MAX 9 emerges from Renton plant

He added that the 737 MAX 10X would be the most profitable single-aisle airplane in the industry because it would offer the same capacity as the A321neo, but with more range and lower costs.

The 43.8m (143.7ft)-long 737 Max 10X was revealed as a relatively straightforward, 1.68m stretch of the 737 Max 9, featuring the latter's distinctive mid-aft exit door and no other obvious differences besides length.

Tinseth disputed Leahy's claim that the A321neo will accommodate 10 more seats than the 737 Max 10X.

"From all appearances, when you talk to airlines, the concept of another stretch to the 737 is really a reaction to the success of the A321neo".

The new plane, known as the 737 MAX 10X, would offer more range to Boeing's current fleet of single-aisle jets, rivalling the Airbus A321neo, which will carry up to 240 passengers.

A worker is pictured next to Boeing's new 737 MAX-9 under construction at their production facility in Renton, Washington, U.S., February 13, 2017.

Boeing's new jet, which is the largest plane in the 737 MAX aircraft line, will have a longer fuselage and 16 more seats than its predecessor, the MAX 8.

"It is very hard to pick a victor out of those five shells, but there is no doubt they will cannibalize each other", said Aengus Kelly, chief executive of AerCap, the world's second-largest lessor of 737 MAX jetliners.

Boeing, however, used the annual ISTAT event to step up marketing for the 737 MAX 10.

The MAX 9 model is nearly nine feet longer than the MAX 8's 129 feet 8 inches, and it carries 178 passengers in two classes compared to the MAX 8's 162 in a similar configuration. Airbus executives denied this.

Meanwhile, Boeing is also looking at a new stretched variant, 737 MAX 10X, created to fill a gap in the Boeing product lineup versus the Airbus A321neo LR.

The plane maker announced Monday it would go ahead with the 737 MAX 10, reports the Seattle Times, with an expected year-end launch time.

  • Zachary Reyes