Adele Gets Attacked By A Bug Down Under And Loses Her Mind

But, it was during her Adele Australian Tour 2017 in Brisbane that marked one of her funniest comments about the tiny creatures.

While on stage at her Brisbane concert the other night she recently got interrupted by some unwanted guests - a swarm of mosquitos. "It was sucking my blood, it was sucking my blood!" she screamed further. I don't like bugs.It just sucking my blood.

Seconds later she feared she hurt the insect before realizing another mosquito was waiting nearby for a meal.

We can completely identify with Adele's panic when she discovered a bug had landed on her during a recent gig Down Under.

Adele is not a fan of bugs and like many of us freaks out when they are in her space.

"They're everywhere", she continued, while circling the stage. "They're all trying to kill me. Welcome to Mexico", she yelled jokingly to the crowd in attendance there. "That scared the life out of me!"

This is the first time that the singer travels to the Land Down Under since her emergence in the music industry.

  • Salvatore Jensen