WWE Raw: Brock Lesnar smashes Goldberg with F-5

According to CBSSports, Goldberg pinned down Kevin Owens in just 22 seconds and took over the WWE Universal Championship.

The opening segment tonight is hot. The former Universal Champion who has been sidelined with a shoulder injury is expected back any day now.

With a combined ring time of 1:48 in his two matches (not counting a brief appearance in this year's Royal Rumble match), no one can say with any degree of confidence if Goldberg is capable of putting on a better match than their letdown at WrestleMania XX.

Lesnar circled the ring, then entered it to go face to face with Goldberg.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn: I have been critical of the way WWE goes to this match for no good reason, but it was a logical move in this case. He needed less than a minute to dethrone Kevin Owens. In the video below, I created an alternate ending. This is part of a larger, worrisome trend of WWE pulling the trigger too soon, or too often, on some of its potentially massive future feuds. Neville ran down Aries as "just an announcer" and Aries responded by "making a statement", punching Neville in the face and hitting a running forearm.

This match was dubbed as one of the best since the creation of the Cruiserweight Classic last summer.

Raw really did get off to a hot start tonight, shedding most of the malaise that had settled in after Fastlane.

I am not saying that Owens needs to beat Goldberg. They look good in there together. These two are motivated purely by hatred for one another.

WWE Network (first month subscription free of charge). After it was announced that Angle would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, he told ESPN that he hadn't discussed wrestling another match with WWE.

For someone like Owens, who is committed to the company for 365 days a year, that will be hard to take unless the WWE can secure the futures of Lesnar and Goldberg on a more regular basis.

Up until this point, Raw had been an excellent show. Enzo and Cass need the titles in the worst way. As a few people pointed out, it wasn't really the best look.

The Universal Championship was the only title to change hands at Fastlane, including the Women's Championship.

Enzo & Big Cass challenged Gallows & Anderson for the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships, but Cesaro & Sheamus got involved, resulting in the match getting thrown out.

New Day: The act continues to feel stale and this ice cream thing isn't almost as fun as the company seems to think it is. Strowman stormed to the ring, grabbed a microphone and called out Roman Reigns to finish their beef. CM Punk's hometown. The same CM Punk the crowd had been chanting for throughout the night.

Undertaker and Strowman stared each other down in the ring for a tense moment, but Strowman then backed down and left the ring. Roman's music hits. He's here to let The Undertaker know that this is "my yard now". Owens attacked Jericho at the end of the Festival of Friendship three weeks ago, and now Y2J calls him out to find out why. For now, the proposed WrestleMania match with Reigns and the Undertaker is of higher priority, but Strowman was done no favors. It can also mean a much-anticipated heel turn for Reigns which the fans have been long clamouring for.

  • Julie Sanders